Unders AH Goals System

Under Asian Handicap Goals System


Under Goals AH PRO - Monthly Results Summary

MonthPicksUnits StakedSRWinsAVG OddsProfit/LossP/L £100 stakesROI %
November 2019 30 300 46.67% 14.0 1.90 54.55 £545.50 18.18%
December 2019 65 650 34.62% 22.5 1.89 43.55 £435.50 6.70%
January 2020 131 1310 40.84% 53.5 1.88 58.45 £584.50 4.46%
February 2020 160 1600 42.50% 68.0 1.87 160.10 £1,601.00 10.01%
March 2020 65 650 50.77% 33.0 1.87 95.10 £951.00 14.63%
April 2020 3 30 33.33% 1.0 1.84 -2.00 £-20.00 -6.67%
May 2020 30 300 35.00% 10.5 1.90 -36.45 £-364.50 -12.15%
June 2020 75 750 55.33% 41.5 1.86 86.45 £864.50 11.53%
July 2020 90 900 48.89% 44.0 1.89 23.40 £234.00 2.60%
August 2020 93 930 48.39% 45.0 1.89 56.75 £567.50 6.10%
September 2020 137 1370 53.28% 73.0 1.89 201.40 £2,014.00 14.70%
October 2020 171 1710 46.78% 80.0 1.86 26.75 £267.50 1.56%
November 2020 104 1040 48.08% 50.0 1.88 119.80 £1,198.00 11.52%
December 2020 101 1010 51.98% 52.5 1.87 104.60 £1,046.00 10.36%
January 2021 119 1190 52.94% 63.0 1.88 153.75 £1,537.50 12.92%
February 2021 110 1100 41.36% 45.5 1.89 -42.00 £-420.00 -3.82%
March 2021 111 1110 50.90% 56.5 1.86 119.35 £1,193.50 10.75%
April 2021 153 1530 46.73% 71.5 1.87 -22.00 £-220.00 -1.44%
May 2021 68 680 44.85% 30.5 1.89 -2.30 £-23.00 -0.34%
MonthPicksUnits StakedSRWinsAVG OddsProfit/LossP/L £100 stakesROI %
∑ = 1,199.25

Under Goals AH PRO - Past Selections

General Notes
  • If you are logged in and have a valid subscription and don't see the table with selections below, please refresh the website a few times. If the problems persist, please let us know ASAP
  • If you see some mistakes in the data below (wrong results, wrong P/L figures etc.), please let us know and we will correct them, as mistakes happen. Thank you.
  • We don't send any PRO tips, stats and trends via email or Telegram.There is a complex membership's structure incorporated on the website, so every member can access desired content according to their membership's level.
  • We update our corners systems every night day. with the update at around 10 pm of UK time every night (selections or note about no picks or delay). At times, when there are not many matches priced for the following day by the bookies, we will ask you to check again in the morning for extra picks.
  • We don't place bets for the sake of it, but only add selections that we are fully happy with. Therefore, there happen single or consecutive days when we have no bets.
  • You will need to have an account with Bet365 to follow all our picks. If you can't bet with them, you will not be able to achieve the same results as we do. Please note that we are betting on Asian Corners markets, not Two-ways corners markets. That means that you bets will be voided, if the number of corners is the same as the line.
  • How much to stake per bet to make it pay? It's best to check our past results, but in most cases the minimum stakes of £10 per bet would have easily paid for the membership fee alone. Of course, it's betting and we have better and worse months, therefore it's crucial to think long term. We stake £100s pounds per bet and most of the selections have decent limits, so you shouldn't have any problems with getting them matched. We also have some more advice for our PRO members about placing bets and preventing being banned by the bookies.
  • There are significantly less selections during summer months and international breaks.
  • Try to get the best available odds, as they make big difference to the final profit/loss figures.
  • Don't wait until the last minute with placing your bets, as the odds will often shorten very quickly!

The Under AH Goals System is our PRO system and is included in the PRO subscription. This option is available for serious punters only and is limited to 20 members in order to protect the odds and lines, so our members can achieve very similar results. We also encourage our members to use our staking plan and follow rules, which will allow them to profit and not being banned or limited by the bookies that we use.


  1. We recommend using 1-2% stakes on all corners picks. It may seem a small stake, but we have days where we place over 10 bets from two corners systems. Using smaller stakes will also make it easier during those worse days and bad losing streaks.
  2. Most of the bets are being placed with Bet365, so please take extra care and don't give them any reasons to limit or ban you.
  3. If you wish to use higher stakes, e.g. £200+, then we strongly recommend to split it and use multiple accounts. You may be fine whilst placing your bets on those bigger markets, however, some of the exotic leagues have much smaller limits on corners markets and you won't be able to place your higher stakes.
  4. If you see a small stake limit, especially on those smaller matches, never ask a trader for a higher limit as you will quickly find yourself limited to pennies and not be able to use B365 as before.
  5. Never contact B365 support about any unsettled corners bets. If the bets are not settled, there is a reason for that (usually losing coverage by B365 or identifying some suspicious activities on markets) and they will have to settle those markets anyway. It may take them a few days to settle them though. We had a case where one of our members was banned for enquiring about one of the selections not being settled.
  6. Use rounded stakes e.g. £50 rather than £51.23.
  7. Try to place some of your bets in-play, e.g. straight after the kickoff.
  8. Keep your account 'healthy' by placing some small accumulator bets or other types of bets...
  9. Use other bookies whenever they have better odds or lines. We make notes of other bookies used whenever we find better odds.
  10. Try placing the best in a random order - avoid placing them in the same order are they are displayed on the website.
  11. Losing and winning streaks - when you see the graph and past results, you will see some extreme series for wins and loses. E.g. 9 straight wins or 8 straight losses. Usually not long after, the series changes (proven historically), so bear that in mind if you joined in this service during or after the winning streak. Also, you may decide to stop playing for some time after a great win series and maybe avoid the losing one...
  12. Some users use Bet365 cash out features late in the game. It can be a good idea, as we often lose our bets in the last minutes of the matches. This, however, is a personal preference.
Options After Getting Limited
Options after getting limited
It's just a matter of time of getting limited by B365. Many members have been limited over the course of years with myself included a few times. What are your options?
  1. Open another account with new details - e.g. your friend's or family member of you can. You will need to register and log in using a new IP address (internet connection). A mobile phone with a separate data plan will do the job. Log in from that mobile and never use your old WI-FI and IP networks. That should get you going for some time. Repeat the process until you can't open more accounts. USe only 1 at a time.
  2. Place bets with other bookies. Sadly in the UK, the options are very limited. Don't bother with any of the high street bookies brands as they will limit you very quickly. Pinnacle is still not back in the UK, but there is a workaround to that...
  3. Use bet brokers. I personally use the Asian Connect and can highly recommend it to you. They offer a service called AsianOdds which you can use to place bets with 5 different bookies from Asia (including Pinnacle). They have high limits and very good odds and have a few markets for corners (more closer to KO times and in-play).
  4. There are talks about introducing a minimum bet size rule by gambling commission for the UK bookmakers. Not sure when that will take effect and what the minimum bet size will apply, but we may be able to take some more profits from B365 in the future.


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