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Have you ever wondered if a particular day or kick off time can have its own trends when it comes to betting? Are there more or less goals in certain fixtures? Plenty of cards, corners? Would you like to have quick stats, trends and best value picks highlighted to you for most of live TV matches in major leagues every weekend?

We investigated each of the instances for your live football weekend and combined them with our forms stats and H2H trends, for unique combination and quick conclusion including odds and highlighting the best options for bets and trades.

What do you need to know about this feature?

(Before you ask any question or send email about some problems with the stats, please read the points below).

  • It's designed for matches displayed live on TV every game week in the major leagues where only one live match takes place in that league at that time . For example Friday's night Bundesliga Fixture or Saturday's lunch time Premier League match.
  • It will put together competition trends, stats and H2H trends and together with odds and prediction will show you the best value options for betting and trading for those attractive live matches in the best leagues.
  • The stats and trends are updated automatically and should be available on Thursday night for match on Friday and Saturday, and on Saturday night for games on Sunday and Monday.
  • This feature will be available whenever the live match is scheduled and will display previous match's data if no new match is available or until the update.
  • It happens that certain time slot e.g. Monday Night (8pm UK time kick off in Italy), will have two matches featuring (e.g. after the Europa League). In that case, only one will be covered by the stats and it will be chosen at random.
  • The time slot's competition trends are more accurate whenever there is more matches in sample data. Please note that some of the fixtures have only around 30-40 matches analyzed, as those fixtures were introduced recently (e.g. Serie A on Friday night). Hence some of the charts may be misleading, therefore always check numbers of matches by hoovering your mouse over the green and red parts of charts.
  • Some time slots don't have constant kick off time e.g. Scottish Premiership on Saturday lunchtime. It's a slight problem, but we found a solution and we include all matches on Saturday afternoon from 12:00, 12:15, 12:30 or 12:45, as they like to change it for no apparent reason every other Saturday.
  • Please be aware that some of the corners stats before 2012/2013 season may be missing and affecting certain H2H trends (can be verified on the corners analysis page). We would love to have full corners data prior then, but it was unavailable to us then and hence you will see those 0s in corners H2H at times.
  • This feature is fairly new and still may have some bugs, which will be found and fixed whilst the season is under way. If you notice something unusual, please let us know.

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