17-03-2018 – #Over25GoalsListSaturday

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What is the Saturday Over 2.5 Goals list?

The following matches are worth following for finishing in over 2.5 goals. They have been shortlisted based on our statistical algorithms and trends and sorted by kick off time. Please note that not all of those matches will see 3 or more goals as it’s betting and no one can guarantee future outcomes to be successful every single time. Blindly following all selections won’t make you rich and you may lose money. The purpose of this list is to identify matches with a high chance of goals. Using past performance to predict future outcomes is one of the most popular analyses used by the punters and traders. However, there are many other factors that can affect the outcomes and even the strongest stats and trends will fail if you don’t back them with extra knowledge. The more you know about a given fixture the better you can judge the value and edge with the available odds.

How to use the Over 2.5 Goals list?

You have plenty of choices for potential use of the Over 2.5 goals list. The matches below are sorted by the KO Time in ascending order which makes it easier to follow if you are betting or trading live (in-play).

One of the most popular ways of playing these selections is live betting and trading when the score is still 0-0, for example around the 20th minute you can back over 2.5 goals at much higher odds. Then you can cash out for a profit (hedge) when a goal is scored or you can let your bet run.

Furthermore, these fixtures may be used for single, pre-match bets. You will need to work on a good strike rate and be beating the closing odds in order to achieve profits in long term.

Many of those selections will shorten further in price before the match starts. If the pre-kickoff football trading is your thing, you may want to use them for securing pre-match profits.

These selections can also be successfully used when using accumulators and parlays coupons to increase the odds for bigger returns. We don’t recommend very big coupons with plenty of events on them though.

Saturday Over 2.5 Goals List (Fixtures with odds)

The odds are for informational purposes only and are likely to differ when you check them (odds were valid at the time of downloading on Thursday). The minimum odds criteria for this list is 1.30.


Saturday Over 2.5 Goals List (Fixtures without odds)

Many of the following matches will be priced up very shortly before the kick-off or some may not be offered to bet on at all at times. What is the point of posting them? Well, let’s say they are not very popular fixtures from lower leagues and competitions, however, plenty of them will be very successful and definitely ignored by most of the punters who prefer to choose top teams and leagues over these. It’s often easier to pick winners from those lower leagues and competitions, as well as find edge and value for your strategies.


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