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Under 1.5 Goals System

Under 1.5 Goals System

These professional football tips are updated automatically and are based on our smart stats algorithms. We post the strongest picks that meet our strict filters to save you time going through the stats and picking your own selections. All you need to do is to choose which tips you wish to follow and check for updates every day. On this page, we include tips for under 1.5 goals markets. You can see the past results, cummulative profit/loss chart and results summary below, but need to log in to see the upcoming selections.

Please note:

  • The current tips table contains selections from yesterday, today and for tomorrow.
  • The results summary table and Running P/L chart include selections up to yesterday.
  • The past selections table includes only selections from the last 30 days up to the day before yesterday to give you a sample of tips. We don't display full history on this page due to page's performance issues (i.e. to avoid very slow site loading times). If you require the full record of any system, please get in touch and we will be able to forward it to you. 

Under 1.5 Goals System - Monthly Results Summary

MonthPicksUnits StakedSRWinsAVG OddsProfit/LossP/L £100 stakesROI %
July 20171111018.18%22.90-56.80£-568.0048.36%
June 2017110100.00%12.5015.00£150.00250.00%
May 20171111036.36%42.870.50£5.00100.45%
April 201755020.00%13.10-23.00£-230.0054.00%
March 20171010040.00%42.8213.00£130.00113.00%
February 201788012.50%12.86-52.00£-520.0035.00%
January 20171010040.00%42.858.50£85.00108.50%
December 20161313030.77%42.78-15.00£-150.0088.46%
November 20161919047.37%92.7454.80£548.00128.84%
October 20161515040.00%62.9530.00£300.00120.00%
September 20161414064.29%92.79109.80£1,098.00178.43%
August 201699011.11%12.87-64.50£-645.0028.33%
July 201655020.00%13.15-20.00£-200.0060.00%
June 20161010030.00%32.93-19.00£-190.0081.00%
May 20163535040.00%142.9556.80£568.00116.23%
April 20162828032.14%92.96-16.10£-161.0094.25%
March 20162222045.45%102.8250.60£506.00123.00%
February 20162020035.00%72.86-11.20£-112.0094.40%
January 201688037.50%32.921.00£10.00101.25%
December 201577014.29%12.63-43.70£-437.0037.57%
November 20151313038.46%52.879.00£90.00106.92%
October 20152323052.17%122.7695.30£953.00141.43%
MonthPicksUnits StakedSRWinsAVG OddsProfit/LossP/L £100 stakesROI %
∑ = 123.00


Past Selections (Sample)

Under 1.5 Goals System - Past Selections (Last month)

CountryCompetitionDateTime (UK)HomeAwayAVGH2H NoH2HO.BookieS.R.P/L
ColombiaLiga Aguila - Clausura09/07/201723:30AguilasAmerica De Cali45.56102.70Unibet0 - 1W17.00
ArgentinaPrimera B Nacional08/07/201717:05Guillermo BrownAll Boys43.892502.62Paddy Power0 - 0W16.20
BrazilSérie B08/07/201701:30ParanaAmerica MG48.336502.55Unibet1 - 1L-10
EuropeEuropa League06/07/201719:30Sant JuliaSkenderbeu48.05103.40bet3650 - 5L-10
EuropeEuropa League06/07/201719:30ZetaZeljeznicar45.83102.80BetVictor2 - 2L-10
EuropeEuropa League06/07/201717:00GandzasarMladost Podgorica49.17102.75Paddy Power0 - 3L-10
EgyptPremier League02/07/201718:00El IsmailyPetrojet46.957432.67Unibet2 - 0L-10
ArgentinaPrimera B Nacional02/07/201719:00Gimnasia JujuyNueva Chicago47.784252.55Unibet2 - 2L-10
BelarusVysshaya Liga02/07/201715:00Din. MinskVitebsk50.006503.20Unibet1 - 3L-10

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