Draws System

Draws System

Monthly Results

MonthPicksUnits StakedWinsSR%AVG OddsProfit/LossP/L £100 stakesROI %
February 2018323201340.63%3.38134.00£1340141.88%
January 2018515101223.53%3.40-113.50£-113577.75%
December 2017424201433.33%3.5394.90£949122.60%
November 2017494901530.61%3.437.40£74101.51%
October 2017575701526.32%3.523.80£38100.67%
September 2017424201023.81%3.50-85.40£-85479.67%
August 2017383801334.21%3.4452.50£525113.82%
July 201726260623.08%3.39-63.50£-63575.58%
June 201717170529.41%3.54-1.00£-1099.41%
May 2017383801231.58%3.3523.00£230106.05%
April 2017676702029.85%3.33-3.00£-3099.55%
March 2017474701429.79%3.29-6.00£-6098.72%
February 2017575701628.07%3.51-52.00£-52090.88%
January 2017353501337.14%3.49102.00£1020129.14%
December 2016545401324.07%3.42-114.70£-114778.76%
November 2016686802232.35%3.4529.80£298104.38%
October 2016999902929.29%3.37-29.00£-29097.07%
September 2016959502930.53%3.33-16.50£-16598.26%
August 2016666601218.18%3.47-264.50£-264559.92%
July 201627270518.52%3.47-109.50£-109559.44%
June 201617170847.06%3.3899.30£993158.41%
May 2016949402526.60%3.54-73.10£-73192.22%
April 201611511502622.61%3.47-273.00£-273076.26%
March 2016828202429.27%3.31-37.20£-37295.46%
February 2016656502030.77%3.375.10£51100.78%
January 2016545401935.19%3.42102.80£1028119.04%
December 2015393901230.77%3.338.20£82102.10%
November 2015666602131.82%3.4561.70£617109.35%

If you use £10 per 1 level stake point, then: 10 points = £100 etc.
Running P/LRunning P/L £100 stakes

System's Notes

  • This system is fully automated – it displays selections, odds, scores and results automatically.
  • There are two tables with selections - one with odds and one without.
  • The matches without the odds will often be the ones from some smaller leagues and exotic countries and therefore the bookies don't price them until the day of the match.
  • The selections are updated a couple of days in advance. E.g. tips for Saturday are posted on Thursday night.
  • The odds for the selections table are recorded at the time of updating the stats and aren't updated anymore.
  • You will need to check the odds for selections from the Possible Selections table at and see, if they are above the minimum odds to place those bets.
  • We are unable to check for those odds again and will only add the starting odds the day after the match is finished.
  • Try to get the best available odds and as soon as the selections are added, as many of the odds will shorten.


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