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Keep In Play Betfair System

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System's Notes

  • This system is based on a combination of the Dropping Odds feature and further researching of matches and features our personal picks.
  • The selections are made with Betfair Exchange. You can also use AsianOdds88 from Asian Connect for manual in-play betting. These two platforms have best odds and you don't have to worry about the limits or getting banned.You are welcome to use other bookies though such as B365 (If you are not limited yet).
  • There are 2 types of bets: PRE match and KIP left to be matched during IN-PLAY with target odds. If the bet is not matched, then it's classed as void.
  • The selections are updated a few hours before start of a match. We check the matches at 3-4 different times od the day: We put info about next update, so you need to check for new selections being added.
  • The picks will not be posted for every day, but only when we see value and are happy to stake our money on them. Please bear in mind, that there may be onger periods with little or no bets when there is little football played.
  • Betfair's commission is calculated at 5% for the profit/loss figures.
  • Please note that it takes some time to post the picks and we may be pasting some more picks whilst you are accessing the page. If you see "Next Update..." at the bottom of the selections, that means that we won't publish more picks in the current update.
  • NP status in results columns stands for Not Placed, which means that the bet was not matched (not meeting the target odds or no chance of matching the bet - no such market available in-play).
  • The default stake per bet is 10 units.

For In-play Target Odds: Make sure you select "Keep In-play" after placing your bet with Betfair Exchange.


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